A Tool for Principal Supervisors to Develop School-Wide Leadership

September 8, 2017 | Categories: Features , Local Education Agency , Professional Learning

CALL is an assessment of school-wide leadership that school-level leaders use to support their school improvement planning. Through feedback obtained from CALL partners, the system has been shown to be an effective tool in measuring key school-wide instructional leadership practices and providing action-based feedback to school leaders. However, school leaders need support and resources (i.e. time, expertise) to apply data and feedback to practice, and principal supervisors could use more support and resources to develop and coach these instructional leaders.

Therefore, CALL is also a tool for principal supervisors to use to support and develop leadership in their schools. Whether you are a Superintendent of a smaller district, or an Area Superintendent of a larger district, CALL seeks to work with you in your role of supporting and developing school leaders. Principal Supervisors can work with school leaders to navigate through the CALL Feedback Reporting System to identify their target areas for school improvement planning. And, these district leaders can also use the CALL Cluster View to determine district-wide trends and to identify schools in need of more support and resources.

To be sure, school leadership is critical to school success. And the CALL Team aspires to support school leaders and those charged with supervising and supporting them as well.